Enhancing the Durability of Heavy-Duty Vehicles using Delo with ISOSYN technology

Enhancing the Durability of Heavy-Duty Vehicles using Delo with ISOSYN technology Enhancing the Durability of Heavy-Duty Vehicles using Delo with ISOSYN technology

When it comes to heavy-duty engines, what keeps these vital machines running smoothly and efficiently, along with ensuring their optimal performance and extended lifespan, is the engine oil.  

Serving as a lifeline for heavy-duty engines, these engine oils perform a multitude of vital functions such as acting as a lubricant, forming a protective film between the engine's moving parts, significantly reducing friction, and preventing metal-to-metal contact.

Beyond lubrication, engine oil also helps with cooling, absorbing and dispersing heat generated during the combustion process. By keeping the engine at an optimum operating temperature, engine oil prevents overheating and possible damage to sensitive parts. 

It also helps with sealing, forming a fitted barrier between various engine components, thus averting the leakage of fluids and ensuring proper compression. Moreover, it aids in transporting contaminants and debris to the oil filter for removal, maintaining engine cleanliness, and preventing potential blockages.

To understand the importance of engine oil in heavy-duty engines, it is crucial to understand engine wear and its implications. Contamination is a significant contributor since dust, dirt, and metal particles can infiltrate the engine, leading to rough wear and damage to vital components. The condition of the engine oil also plays an essential role in engine wear. Over time, engine oil loses its effectiveness and ability to provide proper lubrication and protection. Monitoring oil levels and conducting regular oil analysis can help assess the oil's condition and identify any potential issues early on. 

Caltex Middle East understands that improper maintenance practices, such as neglecting scheduled oil changes or using the wrong grade of oil, can expedite engine wear and compromise performance. It is this understanding that has led to its range of Delo Products with its proprietary ISOSYN technology unique to Delo, that combines premium base oil, high performance additives and Caltex's formulation expertise to produce premium products that provide the protection and performance your heavy-duty engine needs. It works in synergy with the changing conditions in your engine to maximize protection, optimize performance and extend oil life. 


Some of the Delo products include:


To conclude, selecting the right engine oil is a daunting task, but Delo with its innovative ISOSYN Technology fulfills all the requirements your diesel engine oil needs to have to make a positive difference to your vehicle.

This article was written by Chevron technologists in collaboration with industry experts and global thought leaders.

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