Techron Techron

Fact is, petrol and diesel fuels contain impurities. As fuel travels through your car's fuel system,harmful carbon deposits can form on critical engine parts.


Techron fuel system cleaners help remove these deposits, restoring lost power and performance.

For those that expect more, there’s Techron
For those that expect more, there’s Techron

Regardless of the age of your car, new and old cars alike can gain the benefits of a deposit free fuel system helping your engine deliver peak performance in all kinds of driving conditions. Along with greater efficiency and reduced emissions, Techron gives your car acceleration and power when you need it most—like at a stop light or merging onto a busy motorway. 

Where can I get Techron?

Techron fuel system cleaners are available through selected franchise servicing dealer and servicing workshops.


Our experts explain what Techron does, why engines need it and how it helps improve engine performance.


Learn more about the cutting-edge history of Techron's development and leadership in fuel additives.