Unleashing Proven Performance of Marfak Multipurpose Grease

Unleashing Proven Performance of Marfak Multipurpose Grease Unleashing Proven Performance of Marfak Multipurpose Grease

A reliable and high-performance grease is essential when it comes to lubrication and protection. Marfak Multipurpose Grease is a proven performance multipurpose grease with an ISO 220 base oil in combination with anhydrous calcium thickener and rust and oxidation inhibitors. Given below are the features, benefits, and applications of the Marfak Multipurpose Grease that make it the perfect choice for fleet managers, industrial owners, and vehicle owners. 

One of Marfak’s standout features is its exceptional water resistance:


Marfak Multipurpose Grease is known for its excellent water resistance, which makes it suitable for applications where contact with water or moisture is expected. This grease maintains its lubricating properties even in wet conditions, preventing rust, corrosion, and premature equipment failure.



Better Equipment Protection

For most equipment owners, one of their main concerns is ensuring better protection of their equipment. This is where Marfak can make a marked difference. Among the many features are its resistance to water washout and stay-in-place performance which assists in equipment protection in wet operating environments. Marfak Multipurpose Grease’s mechanical stability performance also contributes to shear-down resistance and bearing leakage prevention.  


Good service life

Marfak Multipurpose Grease’s effective oxidation inhibitor can reduce the degradation of the base oil in service, promoting long lubricant service life.


Minimizes Maintenance

Investing in Marfak Multipurpose Grease can yield significant cost savings in the long run. Protecting equipment from wear and corrosion minimizes the need for frequent maintenance, replacements, and downtime, thereby reducing overall operational expenses.

Improved Efficiency

Marfak Multipurpose Grease’s high-performance characteristics contribute to improved equipment efficiency. With reduced friction and optimized lubrication, equipment can operate more seamlessly, consume less energy, and deliver higher output, leading to increased productivity and cost savings.



With features like extreme pressure properties and water resistance, fleet managers and industrial machinery owners can ensure extended equipment life, enhanced efficiency, and cost savings. Whether in industrial ball and roller bearings, general-purpose automotive applications, or various other applications, this high-performance grease is a reliable solution for all lubrication needs.


This article was written by Chevron technologists in collaboration with industry experts and global thought leaders.

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