Keep your engine in top shape using an optimum gas engine oil

Keep your engine in top shape using an optimum gas engine oil Keep your engine in top shape using an optimum gas engine oil

A Gas engine oil can be described as a lubricant that has been specifically created for use with an extensive selection of gas engines. With numerous functions to perform, gas engine oils must not only protect the engine by preventing deposits, corrosion and wear, but also by minimizing engine downtime and continuing to offer protection over extended oil drain intervals.


A careful balance of base oils, gas engine oils are unlike engine oils formulated for heavy and light-duty applications since their approvals are not driven by industry specifications, but by field performance.

There are several challenging and sometimes conflicting requirements that these advanced Gas Engine Oils need to meet namely:  

  • Longer oil drain intervals in order to meet maintenance needs. 
  • High temperature stability  
  • High pressure stability  
  • Increased oxidation and nitration control. 
  • Improved TBN retention Excellent deposit control. 


This is where Caltex Middle East’s HDAX® 9300 can make a world of difference as it is able to not only deal with the harsh conditions in the engine but also provide the required level of protection, all the while offering the drain intervals demanded by consumers. 
Understanding HDAX® 9300 This premium performance medium ash, dispersant/detergent type gas engine oil is formulated specifically for natural gas applications even under heavily loaded conditions, including high output engines in the 10 MWe class. The optimized ash level provides protection against valve recession, while avoiding the formation of ash deposits in the combustion chamber that could lead to pre-ignition.


Extended drain capability and low oil consumption: HDAX 9300’s exceptional oxidation/nitration resistance and base number retention characteristics enable extended drain capability, even in high BMEP, steel piston engines that are designed to use a very low oil feed rate.


Engine cleanliness: This premium performance gas engine oil’s dispersant/detergent system is allied to oxidation/nitration resistance that reduces oil thickening and sludge formation, protecting against filter plugging.


Long component life: Its outstanding piston deposit control, provides scuffing protection to the cylinder liners, protecting against abrasive wear.


Optimized ash level: Its highly optimized ash level can provide excellent valve recession control while controlling potential for pre-ignition.


Catalyst compatible: Another of HDAX 9300’s key differentiator is its low phosphorus additive system that is optimized for use with catalysts


In conclusion, ensuring that an engine is always operating at top performance, supported by a quality lubricant like HDAX 9300 which is designed specifically for use with the engine, will mean that fleet managers and vehicle owners can finally heave a sigh of relief.

This article was written by Chevron technologists in collaboration with industry experts and global thought leaders.

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