Chevron’s approach towards eradicating varnish deposits Chevron’s approach towards eradicating varnish deposits

Varnish - an extensive term that’s used for different types of deposits in oil lubricants. Oil degradation usually occurs for the following instances:

  • When hot metal surface interacts with oil lubricant
  • Electrostatic discharge

Varnish deposits are formed due to degradation of Lubricant Oil. This happens due to extreme temperatures, oxidation, and contamination of dirt particles. This warrants for heavy maintenance costs. Varnish builds up is an ever-growing issue for almost all the plant maintenance managers. Such buildups cause excessive wear on parts and can lead to unscheduled shutdown.

Experts at Chevron have developed an advanced lubrication chemistry, known as VARTECH Technology, which inhibits the formation of oil degradation contaminants, known as precursors, which eventually can become varnish. This technology is helping industrial operators turn the tide against varnish. The lubricants formulated with VARTECH Technology helps improve oxidation stability, reduce oil degradation, and extend oil life, because varnish precursors are now under control.

It’s a holistic solution to clean existing varnish from the system and to control formation of new varnish. Experts at Chevron can help determine the volume and residence time needed for the industrial system cleaner. Replacing main filters, then adding the system cleaner to the used in-service oil. Chevron has developed VARTECH™ Industrial System Cleaner for this step. It cuts through varnish and captures it as micro particles that can be removed without re-depositing in other areas of the system. And it has demonstrated compatibility with in-service oil and the fresh Chevron lubricant that will refill the system. A holistic clean-and-control solution is a formidable weapon to fight varnish.


This article was written by Chevron technologists in collaboration with industry experts and global thought leaders.

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