Why use Techron Concentrate Plus?

Why use Techron Concentrate Plus? Why use Techron Concentrate Plus?

Picture this: a premium fuel additive that not only cleans but revitalizes your car's fuel system with just one tankful. Curious much? Dive into the world of Techron® Concentrate Plus and discover how this fuel additive is changing the game.


Precision Clean™ Technology at its coreTechron® Concentrate Plus’s cutting-edge Precision Clean™ technology works relentlessly to suspend deposits lurking in critical engine parts, escorting them to the combustion chamber where they meet their fiery end. The result? A fuel system that's squeaky clean. 


30 Years of Excellence: The Techron® LegacyWith over three decades of research and development, Techron® Concentrate Plus is more than a fuel additive; it's a testament to innovation and excellence. This little bottle packs a punch, promising to restore and maintain your engine's performance with unparalleled precision. 


Why Choose Techron® Concentrate Plus?Are you an owner of a used car with a less than ideal fuel history? Techron® Concentrate Plus has your back. This fuel system cleaner is tailor-made for:

  • Drivers who occasionally deal with low-quality fuel. 
  • Car owners with an unknown fuel usage history. 
  • Vehicles that endure the constant stop-and-go dance of urban driving. 


The Many BenefitsUsing Techron® Concentrate Plus is like treating your car to a spa. Here's what you can expect: 


Restore Lost Power and Performance:Say goodbye to sluggish rides as Techron® Concentrate Plus brings back the punch in your engine's step.


Better Pick-Up and Acceleration:Feel the thrill as your car responds promptly to your every command.  


Reduce Knock Sounds:Enjoy a smoother, quieter ride with reduced engine knock. 


Maximize Fuel Economy:Watch your fuel efficiency rise as Techron® Concentrate Plus optimizes every drop of precious fuel.



Using Techron Concentrate Plus is as easy as 1-2-3 Ready to embark on this journey of transformation? Follow these three easy steps:


Top-Up Your Tank:When your tank is nearing empty, head to your nearest fuel station.


Pour in the Magic Potion: Empty the entire contents of one Techron® Concentrate Plus bottle into your near-empty tank. 


Fill 'Er Up:Complete your fueling, and let the cleaning magic begin as you drive away. 


For optimal results, use one bottle for gasoline/petrol cars up to 45L. Got a bigger tank? Consider a second bottle for the full Techron® experience. To keep that engine purring, treat your car to Techron® Concentrate Plus every 5,000km or at every oil change.  

This article was written by Chevron technologists in collaboration with industry experts and global thought leaders.

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