Techron Gives your Car Acceleration and Power

The comprehensive additive is made to give superior performance in different driving conditions

Techron Gives your Car Acceleration and Power Techron Gives your Car Acceleration and Power

Techron Complete Fuel System Cleaner delivers superior performance and protection combined with exceptional cleaning power by restoring performance and optimizing fuel efficiency as it cleans injectors, intake valves, carburetors and combustion chambers.


Regardless of the age of your car, new and old cars alike can gain the benefits of a deposit-free fuel system that will help your vehicle’s engine deliver great performance in all kinds of driving conditions.


The additive is safe for use in all petrol-powered engines, including carbureted, two-stroke, four-stroke, port or electronic fuel injected and even direct injected engines. As gasoline combusts in the engine, performance-robbing deposits form on critical engine parts that can hinder a car’s performance.


Auto-ignition that results in incessant knocking and pinging, is generally caused by abnormal combustion in the engine that will result in engine damage if left unattended. Engine load, temperature, pressure, compression ratio and combustion chamber deposits all contribute to knocking problems as well. However, simple techniques such as using higher-octane gasoline or adding Techron Complete Fuel System Cleaner may prevent deposit-related engine knocking.


Engineered and tested for compatibility with elastomers to prevent minimal swelling, hardening, weakening or stretching of elastomers used in fuel systems, Techron Complete Fuel System Cleaner helps remove deposits, restoring lost power, acceleration, fuel economy and reduce emissions.


Only one 355ml bottle can treat up to 45 Liter of petrol in cars, a little protection that goes a long way. With Techron fuel treatment engine owners will get the best-in-class corrosion protection and a clean fuel.


If you want to find out more about Techron Complete Fuel System Cleaner, and what they can do for your vehicle or your business, please contact us.

About the Author: Dave has over a decade of lubricants experience in Research, Product Development, and technical workshop training. He has a passion for science, and Dave has held various technical positions as a scientist from Greases to Passenger Car and Motorcycle Engine Oils. He loves to talk oils and science, and has been involved in several training workshops giving reason to why people should be excited and care about oils and additives. He’s currently the Consumer Brand Technical and OEM Manager where he’ll be developing the Havoline Engine Oils and Aftermarket Fuel Additives product strategy for the globe. Dave will interface with technology, business colleagues, and customers in support of Consumer Brands. Dave has a Ph. D. in Chemistry, Patents on lubricant composition and manufacture, and extensive engine oil formulation experience.

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