Techron Fuel Additives: Fundamentals & Benefits

Techron is a fuel additive with powerful detergents to help keep vital engine parts clean. Its unique formulation helps fight deposits in an engine's fuel intake system. Everyday driving can cause carbon deposits to build up throughout the fuel system that can block the fuel injectors and hinder the flow of fuel. If this goes unchecked for long, it can impair the engine power, start-up, acceleration, fuel efficiency of the vehicle and increased emissions.


This is where Techron fuel system treatment comes in. It targets the carbon deposits and breaks them up so they can be flushed out of the car’s system, thereby keeping the vital engine parts clean and efficient. This, in turn, helps optimize performance, minimize emissions and maximize power and fuel economy.


Techron Concentrate Plus is designed for gasoline carbureted, direct or indirect injected spark ignition engines which can help restore lost power and performance caused by deposit build-up. The ultra-high performance, one-tank cleanup complete fuel system treatment is made for usage in passenger cars whether old or new.


The complete fuel system treatment is formulated with an improved deposit control element capable of cleaning sulfur corrosion products that is a possible cause of fuel gauge malfunction as well as sensitive electronic fuel sending units on some vehicles. It is very effective when it comes to restoring lost power and acceleration, relieve cold engine-start problems and protect against sulfur compounds that can harm fuel gauge sensors. It cleans deposits from fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, and combustion chambers.


Techron D Concentrate on the other hand improves engine responsiveness, drivability and engine noise reduction as well as helps to maximizes fuel economy by restoring dirty fuel injectors to like-new condition.


With Techron high-performance fuel system treatments, your vehicle will achieve better performance with lower emissions and optimized fuel economy.


Want to know more about the advantages of using Techron? Download our product PDS: Techron Concentrate Plus and Techron D Concentrate.

About the Author: Dave has over a decade of lubricants experience in Research, Product Development, and technical workshop training. He has a passion for science, and Dave has held various technical positions as a scientist from Greases to Passenger Car and Motorcycle Engine Oils. He loves to talk oils and science, and has been involved in several training workshops giving reason to why people should be excited and care about oils and additives. He’s currently the Consumer Brand Technical and OEM Manager where he’ll be developing the Havoline Engine Oils and Aftermarket Fuel Additives product strategy for the globe. Dave will interface with technology, business colleagues, and customers in support of Consumer Brands. Dave has a Ph. D. in Chemistry, Patents on lubricant composition and manufacture, and extensive engine oil formulation experience.

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