Introducing the Dexos 1 Gen 3

Introducing the Dexos 1 Gen 3 Introducing the Dexos 1 Gen 3

Fuel economy and reduction of carbon emissions is one of the primary drivers of modern engine technology today. This, in turn, plays an important factor in motor oil formulation. Automotive OEMs are planning more compact, higher-powered engines with technologies such as gasoline direct injection (GDI) and turbocharging to improve fuel efficiency. As a result, lubricant manufacturers need to provide products that enable these newer engines to perform as intended and meet increasingly stringent fuel economy and emissions requirements.


As engine technology continues to advance, oil producers have standards they must meet. Originally developed in 2010 exclusively for GM vehicles, dexos1™ engine oil specification has since been embraced globally as a model for high-quality, robust oil formulated to the industry’s most demanding specifications.


About Dexos 1 Gen 3The dexos1 Gen 3 specification replaces dexos1 Gen 2, which was introduced in 2015. In comparison to the previous generation, dexos1 Gen 3 calls for tighter performance standards for oxidation resistance to mitigate against oil degradation and deposit formation, as well as for sludge control, piston cleanliness, and overall engine cleanliness. To support advancing engine technology, the oil must meet higher standards for turbocharger protection and fuel efficiency. The new specification is also intended to improve upon cold temperature operation and low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) prevention, an issue that can cause damage to newer engines. Oils formulated to meet the Gen 3 specification are backwards compatible with vehicles that require Gen 2 oils.

Getting the licensing approvalThe new specification calls for extensive and rigorous testing to qualify for licensing approval. The testing regimen exceeds even the latest industry-standard API SP and ILSAC GF-6 test limits and includes a long list of new, proprietary tests specific to dexos1 Gen 3. Not every lubricant producer is prepared to invest in resources to perform the testing, nor do all have the formulating expertise necessary to pass. In the worst case, even one failed test within the dexos testing program can have far-reaching consequences. Even after approval, a periodic audit is conducted on all licensed products to guarantee quality control.

Chevron Introducing Dexos 1 Gen 3  A leader in developing products to the dexos1 standard, Chevron’s dedicated team of scientists has developed unique formulations that have passed a series of tests, and have obtained the dexos1 Gen 3 licensing. In the weeks and months ahead, Chevron is phasing out the dexos1 Gen 2 products and rolling out a new line of 0W-20 and 5W-30 viscosity oils formulated to meet or surpass the new dexos 1 Gen 3 specification.


Chevron’s Havoline® PRO-DS® Full Synthetic Motor Oil is ahead of Dexos 1 Gen 3 

Havoline® PRO-DS® Full Synthetic Motor Oil is a premium full synthetic oil with Deposit Shield® Technology, combined with a proprietary cleaning booster, planned to provide ultimate protection that lengthens the top performance and efficiency of your engine, particularly under harsh stop-and-go driving conditions, extreme temperatures and heavy loads. This motor oil uses the latest full synthetic base oils and special cleaning additives including antioxidants and friction modifiers to provide unmatched protection and performance. They are formulated to provide outstanding protection against harmful engine deposits while providing excellent oxidation protection and volatility control, and superior cold temperature performance over part synthetic and mineral motor oils.


Chevron Havoline PRO-DS Full Synthetic Motor Oils are formulated to provide unsurpassed protection against sludge, varnish, and deposit buildup to keep modern engines running cleaner, stronger, and for longer, helps maximize the power of your engine while maintaining fuel efficiency and cleanliness by preserving fuel economy up to 50% better than GM's tough dexos1 Gen3 standards2. Also, Havoline PRO-DS Full Synthetic Motor Oils meet or exceed GM's tough dexos1 Gen3 standards (0W-20 and 5W-30). 

This article was written by Chevron technologists in collaboration with industry experts and global thought leaders.

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