Techron – Does your fuel additive has what it takes? Techron – Does your fuel additive has what it takes?

As your engine burns fuel, carbon builds up in the fuel injectors and inside the combustion chambers. When you shut your vehicle off, little droplets of fuel will evaporate where they rest, leaving behind minute traces of degraded fuel. This grunge develops over time and depletes your engine’s ability to run efficiently. Fuel system cleaners and specifically fuel injector cleaners removes this grunge and buildup out of your injectors and the fuel system of your engine, increasing your engine’s efficiency and restore lost performance.

So, if there is one question that is uppermost on the minds of automotive company owners or car owners, it is whether their car be it a test car or used car- are using the right fuel additive that ensures the optimum performance of the car even after running for over a considerable period.

This is where it has been proven that Techron concentrate plus can make a difference. Before delving into the benefits of using Techron concentrate plus, it is crucial to understand the problems that automotive company owners or car owners face.

While some of the common challenges that these car owners discuss are: poor acceleration; pinging of the car; cold start problems; reduced fuel economy, it is often ignorance that there are no products strong enough to make a difference, especially in cleaning the fuel injectors, combustion chambers, valves, etc. in the engine.

Then there is another myth that when you drive your car and can hear the engine making sounds, and can feel that the drive is not smooth enough, there is a tendency to first think of taking your car to a mechanic. Yet more often than not, the problem lies in inferior fuel and fuel without an effective detergent. This problem can be resolved by using a high-performing fuel system cleaner (comment: TCP has been used above & to be consistent, it should be fuel system cleaner).

The best thing about Techron Concentrate Plus is that it not only debunks these myths but also delivers more than it promises. This product is a great option when looking to clean your entire fuel system. Not only will it target the fuel injectors, but will also clean and restore carburetors, combustion chambers, and intake valves. The Techron Concentrate Plus formula won’t harm oxygen sensors or affect catalytic converters and is safe for all gasoline engines. 

Techron Concentrate Plus maximizes your fuel economy by keeping your fuel system free of buildup and deposits. It restores older vehicle horse-power by cleaning  the fuel system. Additionally, it conserves your key fuel system engine parts from deposit buildup and enhances cold starts and sustains stored fuel in the gas tank for up to one year. While it resolves engine knocking or pinging and reduces spark plug fouling, rough idling, engine hesitation and engine surge issues, it also lessens vehicle emissions.

It is crucial to remember that most modern engines are created with airtight engineering tolerances and designed to be at their best when they are clean and deposit-free. The fuel system is often overlooked during routine maintenance by most car owners and motorists. Stop using other fuel additives in the marketplace, stick to Techron Concentrate Plus formula to clean your entire fuel system regularly. Use with every 3,000 to 5,000 miles to improve fuel consumption for up to a year.


This article was written by Chevron technologists in collaboration with industry experts and global thought leaders.

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