Learning to enhance operational efficiency across your line of manufacturing equipment

Learning to enhance operational efficiency across your line of manufacturing equipment Learning to enhance operational efficiency across your line of manufacturing equipment

Manufacturing is a highly competitive industry where operational efficiency plays a pivotal role in determining success. In an era of rapidly evolving technology and environmental concerns, manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to optimize their processes while minimizing environmental impact. Corrosion, machine failures, and other harmful elements can cause production line delays. Caltex’s specially formulated diesel fuels and lubricants can help ensure that your manufacturing equipment operates at its optimum performance amidst extreme conditions. In this blog, we will explore how Caltex can help meet your manufacturing needs.

Maximise Reliability, Minimise Cost

It’s important to optimize the efficiency of your manufacturing equipment and production line, which is where Caltex’s on-specification diesel and premium lubricant products are test-proven for equipment performance under extreme conditions.


Reduce Unplanned ShutdownsCaltex’s diesel fuels and industrial lubricants are also formulated to protect and last, thereby allowing your operations to run efficiently and limiting unplanned shutdowns. 


Adopt the Best PracticesDrawing from Caltex’s range of manufacturing lubricants and programs, their team of experts can perform a best-in-class assessment to help improve lubrication practices resulting in maximized reliability, minimized costs, and optimized performance. 


Reduced Environmental ImpactCaltex is committed to environmental responsibility. Their lubricants are designed to minimize environmental impact by extending the life of machinery, reducing energy consumption, and decreasing the frequency of oil changes, which can result in less waste and reduced carbon emissions.



Caltex’s manufacturing product solutions Furthermore, choose from the full suite of Caltex fuels and lubricants which are test-proven and adapted for your manufacturing business needs. Given below are Caltex’s manufacturing product solutions for various categories:   


Circulating oilsLubricants called circulating oils are made for systems that require constant oil circulation for proper lubrication. These oils are typically used in large machinery, such as industrial pumps, turbines, compressors, and hydraulic systems. Caltex’s advanced circulating range helps to meet the demands of various industries such as manufacturing, steel, and construction. You can choose from products such as Texatherm.   


Gear oilsGear oils are specialized lubricants designed to provide essential protection and efficient operation for gearboxes, transmissions, and differentials in a wide range of machinery and vehicles. Caltex's specially designed lubricants protect against wear and reduce friction loss. There are products such as the Meropa range of gear oils.


Greases Using the right greases can reduce friction, prevent wear, and protect against corrosion in a wide range of machinery and equipment, from automotive wheel bearings and industrial machinery to agricultural equipment and construction machinery. Caltex’s Multifak EP has been proven to make a difference.  


Hydraulic oilsHydraulic oils are specialized fluids designed to transmit power in hydraulic systems, which are commonly used in heavy machinery, industrial equipment, and even in some automotive applications. Caltex answers the challenge with hydraulic oils that perform under the harshest conditions to help meet or extend the expected life of the equipment such as Rando HD.


By choosing Caltex lubricants, you not only enhance your operational efficiency but also contribute to a more environmentally friendly and economically viable future for your manufacturing facility.

This article was written by Chevron technologists in collaboration with industry experts and global thought leaders.

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