Keep your gas turbine in great shape using GST Advantage EP 68 with Vartech Technology

Keep your gas turbine in great shape using GST Advantage EP 68 with Vartech Technology Keep your gas turbine in great shape using GST Advantage EP 68 with Vartech Technology

GST Advantage EP 68 with Vartech technology can help keep your gas turbines in impeccable condition and avert unscheduled downtimes.


Premium quality turbine oils must be capable of lubricating and cooling bearings while protecting the system against rust, corrosion and harmful deposits. Since the turbine equipment is normally used in key industrial applications, the reliability of rotating machinery and its lubricant is critical. This is where GST Advantage EP formulated with Vartech Technology can make a difference. Its advanced chemistry helps improve oxidation stability, reduce oil degradation, extend oil life by limiting harmful precursors that can lead to varnish formation.


Features of GST Advantage Turbine oil

The key to unlocking peak performance while ensuring the long life of your machinery lies in the exceptional features of this lubricant. Let's delve into the captivating customer benefits of GST Advantage EP turbine oil that set this lubricant apart from the rest. 


• Exceptional Oxidation and Thermal Stability Imagine your gas turbine operating in extreme conditions, where temperatures soar and challenges abound. This premium lubricant with outstanding oxidation and thermal stability is designed to thrive in the harshest environments, ensuring your machinery enjoys a long service life.    


• Low Varnish Potential Varnish formation is the silent enemy of machinery, clogging up the intricate components and causing havoc. GST Advantage EP turbine oil minimizes varnish formation, which will protect the key industrial applications and the gas turbine.    


• Enhanced Gear ProtectionTo keep gears in top condition, this lubricant comes equipped with an anti-wear additive system, ensuring improved gear protection. 


• Outstanding Rust and Corrosion Protection Moisture and corrosive elements can spell doom for your equipment. This lubricant offers rust and corrosion protection, ensuring your machinery remains resilient.


• Minimum Foaming Foaming can lead to sump overflow or erratic governor operation, causing chaos in your system. But this lubricant ensures that such troubles are kept at bay, allowing your machinery to operate smoothly and with precision. 


• Fast Air ReleasePump cavitation can be a menace, particularly in systems with high circulation rates and limited resonance time. But the rapid air release capabilities of this lubricant ensure that your pumps remain cavitation-free.


• Rapid Water SeparationWater in your turbine machinery can be disastrous. This lubricant comes to the rescue with rapid water separation, efficiently removing this aquatic intruder from the scene.


• Air Compressor LubricantFor systems requiring an ISO 32/46 viscosity, R&O oil, and anti-wear performance, this lubricant is a versatile choice as it adapts to a variety of applications, making it a valuable asset for your equipment arsenal.


In short, elevate your machinery's performance and longevity with GST Advantage EP turbine oil as it is more than a lubricant; it's a commitment to the well-being of your equipment and the longevity of your gas turbine operations.  

This article was written by Chevron technologists in collaboration with industry experts and global thought leaders.

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