Successfully navigate construction operation with Delo

Successfully navigate construction operation with Delo Successfully navigate construction operation with Delo

If you’re a construction operator reading this, you know the drill. From sunrise to sunset, you tackle unforgiving environments and deadlines while making sure your equipment continues to function optimally.

You’d agree that under these circumstances, you can face these common challenges:

Equipment Wear and Tear – leading to costly repairs and unscheduled downtime. 
Downtime – leading to postponed project timelines and loss of productivity. 
High Maintenance Costs – a result of frequent maintenance in case of breakdowns, especially if subpar lubricants are used. 
Excess Emissions – a result of inefficient equipment; a concern among global calls to reducing environmental footprint.  


These challenges can put your operation out of gear, cost you dearly and compromise your reputation as a trusted construction service provider. While not much can be done about the elements and deadlines, you can take complete control over equipment efficiency with Caltex Delo products. Designed for challenging operations, Caltex Delo products offer solutions to daily equipment handling challenges and elevate operational standards to take your business further.  


CALTEX DELO LUBRICANTS: FACILITATING OPERATIONAL SUCCESSCaltex Delo products are the result of Caltex’s expert team who are always on hand to help you to optimize your construction operations. The lubricants are innovated and perfected over time with research to cater to specific construction operation requirements so that your business can run seamlessly. Here's how Caltex Delo can help address the common construction sector challenges:

Enhanced Equipment Protection – The use of advanced additives in Caltex Delo products shield your machinery from excessive wear even in harsh operating conditions. 
Cost Savings – The LubeWatch Analysis conducted by Caltex experts can apprise you of equipment issues beforehand, helping you save on untimely breakdown repairs and downtime.  
Enhanced Operational Uptime – The usage of Caltex Delo products works like preventative maintenance on your machinery. Equipment sees fewer breakdowns, which translates to less maintenance costs and timely project completion.  
Long-term Savings – Offering extended drain intervals thus fewer oil changes, Caltex Delo can lead to significant savings for construction operators over time.  
Reduced Emissions - Caltex Delo advanced formulations help to promote cleaner combustion, leading to reduced emissions. This not only helps operators meet environmental regulations but also positions them as responsible industry players.  


Construction is a demanding industry and it’s necessary to gain a competitive edge to be a preferred industry partner. Choose Caltex Delo lubricants to not only ensure that your construction equipment is in optimal shape but also to elevate operational standards, save and champion sustainability.

This article was written by Chevron technologists in collaboration with industry experts and global thought leaders.

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