Improve your sales using Caltex Lubewatch service

Improve your sales using Caltex Lubewatch service Improve your sales using Caltex Lubewatch service

In the dynamic world of industrial machinery, maintaining peak performance and preventing costly breakdowns is paramount. Monitoring oil conditions can offer historical equipment trends, enabling planned maintenance. It can help in early-stage detection of potential equipment problems, while offering planned, coordinated oil drain and component swap-outs, increasing uptime. This monitoring can also increase equipment availability, while maximizing revenue generation and also help with production schedules and downtime planning.


Caltex LubeWatch offers a flexible range of UOA services to meet every customer's need and budget. These value-added services differentiate us and complement our product offer for key segments such as fleet, mining, construction, power generation, and many other industries. Some of these services include:


Lubewatch PremiumCaltex’s ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standard UOA service runs a comprehensive range of tests, is ideal for equipment under warranty, and meets OEM requirements for maintenance and UOA. The turnaround for this service is around a week or more.

Lubewatch LiteThis is a fast turnaround, low-cost, distributor, customer or end-user managed non-ASTM UOA, ideal for prospects who have never used UOA for maintenance due to perceived cost issues.

Lubewatch NowThis ultra-fast, low-cost on-site distributor-managed non-ASTM UOA with instant results, is for troubleshooting and advisory on the spot.



Lubewatch offers a range of new, flexible UOA services designed to meet individual customer's UOA needs and save them money. Business costs are a big issue, but the LubeWatch UOA service range will fit every customer's budget and equipment needs and maximize the Total Cost of ownership (TCO) across all assets. Caltex LubeWatch flexible solutions are beneficial for small, medium, and large fleets/operations.


LubeWatch value proposition

Caltex LubeWatch is about commitment to helping customers build a better business and lower TCO. It offers a range of service levels at price points to suit every customer's service need and budget.


Improved sales using Caltex Lubewatch

Caltex LubeWatch UOA is an enhanced service based on the tried and tested Caltex Reliability-Based Lubrication (RBL) program, with additional, new, innovative, and streamlined options to deliver results faster. These new services can help deliver prospect sales success and existing customer long-term loyalty because Caltex LubeWatch supports customers by delivering even greater uptime, reliability, profitability, and TCO. Caltex LubeWatch builds new sales and long-term customer business relationships that deliver true business value and not just sub-standard products.


With its ability to detect potential issues early and provide data-driven insights, the Caltex Lubewatch service empowers organizations to make informed decisions about maintenance and lubrication, ultimately contributing to smoother operations and improved bottom-line performance.

This article was written by Chevron technologists in collaboration with industry experts and global thought leaders.

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